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quick!!! only last til 17th November. AWWWW YEAAAAHHHHH
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Because im waiting for my painting video to finish developing, i thought i'd make something that i had seen a lot of people make: 'Top Ten List of something something'

so this post will be: 'the top 24 hottest video game female characters' (because 10 is too little) . take note that all characters look different in different games, like Jill will look different in the first and third resident evil game. so if i name a character, pay attention to the game i referenced that they were in.

24. Ivy - Soul Calibur 4
23. Alisa Boskonovitch - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
22. Ashley Williams - Mass Effect 3
21. Ada Wong - Resident Evil 6
20. Lara Croft  - Tomb Raider 2013
19. Sheva Alomar - Resident Evil 5
18. Maya - Borderlands 2
17. Morrigan - Dragon Age Origins
16. Tali T'Zorah - Mass Effect 3, without mask
15. Leliana - Dragon Age 2
14. Lilith - Borderlands
13. Juliet Starling - Lollipop Chainsaw
12. Tina Armstrong - DOA 5
11. Sofia Sartor - Assassins Creed Revelation
10. Sherry Birkin - Resident Evil 6
9. Yuna - FFX
8. Anna Williams - Tekken Blood Vengence (not a VG, but i dont care)
7. Ashe - FFXII
6. Trip - Enslaved Odyssey to the West
5. Asuka Kazama - Tekken Tag Tournament 2
4. Jill Valentine -Resident Evil 3
3. Helena Harper - Resident Evil 6
2. Claire Redfield - Resident Evil Degeneration (not a VG, but i dont care)
1. Cortana - Halo 4 

p/s: i know a lot of people liked Tifa, i dont. because i just dont find her attractive.
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A friend of mine is marketing a new comic called Crimson Legends. The comic is not in the making yet but it will soon. This is its Facebook fan page.…

I am not asking you guys to 'like' the page, I am just letting you guys know that there are things like this out there. So yeah, if you like the art, 'like' the page. The more likes my friend gets, the more likely he is gonna get it made.
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I had a YouTube channel, i dont know if my stuffs there are good or not, but the statistics of views there are very depressing to look at. maybe its because no one knows about it, or maybe i am just not a good artist yet.

so, to all my beloved watchers out there, do check out my channel --->   <---and do let me know what i need to improve on. i also would like to know what kind of art do you guys like.

thnx, check out my channels, subscribe if you like it. love you guys. :meow:
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here is a list of artists that i knew, i am gonna rank them into few categories. i am doing this only for fun by the way.

Type 1 = i love this artist's artwork and want to be like him/her
Type 2 = i love this artist's artwork, but do not plan to be like him/her
Type 3 = i used to like this artist's artwork, but not anymore
Type 4 = this artist artworks kinda make me angry

Adam Hughes - 1
Admira Wijaya - 2
agnidevi - 2
Aleksi Briclot - 1
Alex Garner - 3
algenpfleger - 3
Android Jones - 3
Anthony Jones - 2
Artgerm - 4
Bastien Lecouffe Deharme - 1
Craig Mullins - 1
Dan LuVisi - 1
Daniel Dociu - 2
Dave Rapoza - 2
Donato Giancola - 1
Evan Lee - 2
Feng Zhu - 2
Frank Frazetta - 3
Hyojin Ahn - 2
Hyung Tae Kim - 3, 4
Jace Wallace - 1
Janaschi - 3
Jason Chan - 2
JeffSimpsonKH - 1
Jorge Lopez Lorenzana - 2
Lauren K. Cannon - 3
Liang Yue - 2
Linda Bergkvist - 2
Luke Kopycinski - 2
Kekai Kotaki - 3
Mario Wibisono - 2
Marta Dahlig - 2
Marta Nael - 2
Melanie Delon - 1
Michael C. Hayes - 1
nebezial - 1
noah-kh - 2
PapaNinja - 2
Patryk Olejnykzak - 1
Phoenixlu - 3
PlusNine - 2
Pokefreak - 4
Puppeteer - 2
randis - 2
Ruan Jia - 1
rupid79 - 2
SakimiChan - 4
Saskia Guntekunst - 3
Showkunz - 2
Steven Stahlberg - 3
Svetlin Velinov - 3
Tetsuya Nomura - 3, 4
Vandrell - 2
Viccolatte - 3
WarrenLuow - 3
Xiaobotong - 3
yangqi - 3
Zoonoid - 2

let me know if i missed anyone
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i write this, to remind me of my route to become what i am now. i also write this for you all who wanted to get to know me better. i am not a great artist yet, i dont even know how to paint landscapes. but i am planning to start doing that once i have made my human artworks to look like Dan LuVisi's.

please ignore my bad english and grammar, this writing is unscripted, i just write as it goes. and i do not double check for gramatic errors.

the numbers represent my age, and beside them are what happened during that time.

3 - start holding pencils
4 - a lot of doobling
5 - primary school, drew my first character on my textbook, a robot
6 - drew more robots
7 - started drawing a lot of Optimus Primes, because i love Transformers cartoon
8 - drew my first comic, its about a robber who burns a bank and get ass kicked by a super hero. then i accidentally killed the superhero because the robber landed a heavy weight metal on and crushed him. i quit the comic after that.
9 - started tracing this cute little mouse i saw on a children's book. i drew this mouse for 5 years til i am 14
10 - made my second comic, the characters are anthropomorphic mice. its about mouse ninjas and they can turn into samurais too. this comic is inspired by Ronin Warriors. i drew 5 THICK books of this comic, and copied a lot of scenes from other comics - Alien Vs. Predator, Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic 4 etc., all the books have at least 200 pages, i remember 90% of my 4th book are all fighting scenes.
12 - wrote my 3rd comic, has 2 or 3 books, the characters are the same but the story is more down to earth, there is no fighting, just random everyday funny life situations of my main character.
13 - wrote my last comic, Robomon, its a lot like Pokemon and Digimon, but ROBOTS! only wrote one book, but it was the best and most original.
14 - an important time in my life - i stopped drawing anthropomorphic mice drew my first anime character. inspired by 2 awesome things: Curious Play anime and Xenogears PS1 game.
- wrote stories, the first one is called Metal Warriors, its about robots and cool anime teenagers piloting it. inspired by Xenogears.
- the second story is about a guy... in a fantasy world, doing things.... i also scanned my drawings and put them in my PC.
15 - after drawing and writing for 1 year, i watched Vandread and loved this Dita character, i tried to draw her for many months but cant. then i realize that if you wanna draw human, you need to know how to use 'guidelines'. i used it and my drawing of Dita looked exactly like her on the anime, HECK YEAAAA
15.5 - saw this anime Super Dimensional Fortress: Do You Remember Love, and fell in love with Minmay. i tried to draw her too. i also played Final Fantasy 8, 7, 9 and fell in love with Tetsuya Nomura's artwork.
- wrote another story, Eden Year, its about a hero guy, with the help of a water god called Leviathan, trying to fight an evil god that looks like Necron from FF9.
- watched Gensomaden Saiyuki, totally felt in love with Yaone. at this time, my drawings all looked like Gensomaden Saiyuki + Tetsuya Nomura
- also wrote 2 more stories, Metal Warriors 2 and 3.
16 - left my house in the countryside, now i live in the city. saw Hyung Tae Kim's artwork on CreativeUncut website, i absolutely loved his coloring style. now my drawing looks like a combination of Tetsuya Nomura + Hyung Tae Kim's style.
- wrote another story, Metal Warriors Retaliation.
17 - still writing my story Metal Warriors Retaliation, my story becomes more and more complex, i put in Christianity, Buddhism, Politics, Mechas, Military, Urbanization, social segregations, identites etc.
-  at this time i practiced really hard, studying how women can be made beautiful, i also spent 3 months drawing faces facing the other direction that i wasnt used to (i am right handed, i could only draw faces facing to my left, now i can do both)
- wrote another story, forgot the name but its about this hero guy fighting an evil scientist. this story is based on Roman Mythology
18 - still liking Tetsuya Nomura's work, still drawing and practicing
- bought my first tablet
19 - thanks to Tetsuya Nomura's artwork, and my hard work, i became a bit of a famous artist in college, my crush drew my character and gave it to me, HECK YEAAAA
20 - nothing much this year, was working and waiting for University intake
21 - in UK now, drew my artwork that i am know for… and i drew it with a frigging mouse, and also... making a DA account.
22 - bought my second tablet, its a second hand item and is broken, i can still use it but there is no pen pressure.
- i continue to paint more at this time, i created 2 good characters:……
23 - bought my 3rd tablet, also the one i am using now, its a CLT-460 WACOM. i also realize that i totally hated Tetsuya Nomura now, his work never improves. and i also think i had surpassed him.
- wrote a story for this char its based on Michiyo Kaku's Civilization Types
24 (present time) - this year, a lot has happened, i made 3 big leaps. the first one is that i learned to render correctly, this is an important artwork, it is where i transcend from bad rendering to good rendering
- the second big leap, is that i started liking western style artworks and became completely disgusted by japanese animes.
- the third one, also the most most most important part of my art life, i wanted to paint real people and i knew it will not be easy, so i gave myself 1 year to practice and learn it. the funny thing is that it didnt take me 1 year, it only took me 10 days to totally know how to paint something like this HAH

i am not an extremely good artist yet, but i planned to be one, so here are the things that i wanted to achieve before i turned 26:
- be able to paint like Dan Luvisi, this guy can paint real people with realistic color tones without reference !
- paint landscapes like Aleksi Briklot
- be better at designing (not illustrating)
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well, I feel like i need to tell all my fans why I have not make any good arts recently. one reason is because I am working 9 hours everyday except sunday, so i really dont have time to perfect my skills. even if i sometimes procrastinate at work to look at some art tutorials online, i still could not test out my new learned skills because at work i do not have my wacom nor SAI.

another reason... stress. i am trying to get myself into a good University in UK for master level studies (not art) and there is a lot of things to do - getting visas, writing personal statement, getting scholarships.

im also trying to woo this chick at work, it really does make me not wanting to paint sometimes.

and the last second reason, i kind of wanted to stop painting these animeish paintings, and wanted to paint realistic people. and i am trying to practice, but work just keeps getting in the way.

and now for the final reason, its video gaming, i love video games, especially RPGs and they take alot of time to play. im playing my third play through of Skyrim now, my character had become so powerful i literally kill all the bad guys in 1 shot. even dragons.

so 9 hours of work, 3 hours gaming. 8 hours sleep, 3 hours eat, shower and driving. so i have less than 1 hour everyday to paint.

and Mass Effect 3 is out soon, ME2 was my favorite game of all time. ME3 is gonna suck my life dry soon.

so yea, i just want to remind you all i probably wont be too productive on DA. but keep watching me. i love you all and i paint for your viewing pleasure. i care about you guys, that is why i write this journal (also because i am bored at work again).

so thank you all for reading. see you soon. and sorry for my bad english. cheerz
I hardly write any journals throughout my time on DA, that is because my english wasn't that good. I have no problems with grammar but my vocabs is very limited.

But that is not my focus on today's journal. The focus of this journal is character hairs, and also bear in mind that whatever I might say here will also apply to real life -- real person's hair.

I can guarantee that 100% of you never realize that most of my characters are females with hairs combed to their right -- that is: more bulks of hair on the right side of the head rather than the left side. the reason why i did this is because combing your hair to the right makes you look better than to the left.

This is true. if you copy and paste 2 identical heads next to each other, and make one with hair combed to the right, and another one combed to the left. the former one will look better. Why is that? i dont know, this is a phenom i discovered probably 3 years ago, its just that i never told anyone about it. but i decided to write this up on DA so no one will rip off my discovery idea.

If you guys dont believe my theory, go ahead and try it, make 2 identical faces, each with hair combed left and right, or take 2 pictures of you, and repeat what i had just said earlier.

it applies to everyone, old people, young people, men and women, their hair combed to their right side looks better than their left.

go and see if what i said is true, and feel free to comment on this journal.
sad isnt it?

if you want fame on DA, you will either pose nude or make pop. culture media artworks like Naruto.

If you make arts of your own... you hardly will get the pageviews and watchers you dreamed of...

so what i am saying is that, if you want fame, you will need to sacrifice your dignity and steal other pop. culture arts, only that people will even care about what you painted.

If i paint lots of Naruto artworks, my pageviews will drastically increase, right?

the last submission i did was Lingzi PWI, i kind of posted it too quickly and failed to detect alot of crucial problems. one of my friend of facebook told me she looks like a guy, and i realized that before hand -- after an afternoon sleep.

so for those who had copied or 'saved link as' on that artwork, please delete it lol, it looks ugly.

i have updated it, i fixed the eyes, neck hair and eye balls, and decrease its size laterally by 5%, i hope the new one dont look ugly anymore. this one, i hope, that i dont have to update it anymore. if u guys want to copy it and save into your comp, u can now.... i guess :D
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sigh, its been 3 years, and my page views is........ 8000........ im so sad       :cry: :'( :spyedvsjark: :voodoo-prophet: :llama:
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ok time to do some cleaning, in a few days, im gonna delete my older n bad artworks. because as time progresses, my skill improves, and as my skill improves, i expect more out of myself, and my view also changes, arts that were once good may now be seen bad. so yes, im gonna delete old artworks in a few a days, so if you guys liked certain artworks very much, go download it. although downloading such bad works is discouraged. ok thnx for reading everyone. good luck in life. xD

by the way, there will be significant change in my style of artwork, i guess i wont be doing much "line arts first then color" artworks. i am now more interested and also have more fun making "big blogs of color and then refine" style., because it shows more skill and its speedy and is alot of fun.
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can u guys tell your friends to come see my gallery plsss? xD

i need more page views  xD

thnx <3
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ok, so i realize that the reason why i dont really feel like making artworks since  2 years ago is not because i ran out of ideas nor it is because i cant draw well. the reason why i didnt produce that much artworks is because of my tablet. my tablet was bought from a second hand ebay seller and i thought its working fine. the most important thing in my opinion when u wanna make arts is the pen pressure, without it, i cannot draw or paint well. i used to think that it is my paint program that is spoilt, cuz it does not enable pen pressure. then one day my good friend Robin suggested to me the SAI program, i have seent his program many times in youtube n stuffs, just didnt know what its called. ok , so i downloaded this SAI and finally realize the real problems why i cannot produce artworks. SAI enables pen pressure, and so does all the painting programs that i had. i tend to blame the programs for not eltting me produce good art works, now i know where the problem is, it is the second hand tablet that i bought from ebay. it is the reason why i couldnt use pen pressure. so what is gonna happen now? i bought a brand new and also the newest brand tablet from ebay and it is gonna arrive to my home in maybe 10 days. i hope i will be able to produce good artworks after that. and also, i will eventually change my avatar, my personal infos and stuffs. it needs to be updated. now that i have alot of views and alot of people liked me, its time i start behaving appropriately. no more posting irrelevant videos on youtube, and no more posting stupid burger or marshmallow artworks on DA. i hope things get better. and thanks everyone for your support. i have alot of 'favourive' adds on my 'female warrior' artwork. i am very happy alot of people liked this one. ok, i hope to produce more artwork soon. n see u all soon.
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ok, i havent been producing serious artworks for a long time, LOLZ, i was either not producing artworks or just post lame comics, LOLZ, but guys, don give up on me yet, i still love art, just don have the time to do it. but i will eventually post something serious for a while, but not soon tho.

goodluck to all of u and me too ^^
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yeah, i read lots of ppl's journal n i find us deviants pathetic !!! including me !!! we ask questions n we answer it ourselves, then we post it for everyone to see, tats totally retard, gyahahahahahaa muahahahahahahaa !!!

dont know y but i wanna do it too, gyahahahaa, muahahahahahaa, IS FUN !!!

here goes, muahaahahhahaa

~ wats yor favourite laugh ?
---> kekekekkeee, gyahahahahaha, muahahahahahaaa

~ fav food ?
---> kekkekee, i like trying lots of types, wierd ones r kewl !!!

~what is 'kewl'?
---> COOL !!!

~what do u always say during conversation?
---> n tats totally Keeewwwlll~~~ (pull it long)

~yor good friends in DA ?
--->:=ChibiXai, :~alex132, :~AlishmcMalish, :~bunananana, :~corpsepie, :=Waddin, :~Zeeshaan-Mir

~y werent u online for 3 days?
---> got suspended !!! the limit is 2GB per week, i m so hardcore i had 10 GB !!!

~how much money u got in yer wallet right now?
---> 75 pound cash and 500+ in my debit card

~if ya WIN 100 pound right now, how r ya gonna spend it?
---> i will buy Kentucky fried chicken with all of em n then eat all of em in front of the camera. i wanna record this marathon

~u always alled ppl what?
---> DORK !!!

ok tats all, keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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I post some video on youtube, i would like all of u to see, here it is.…
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this is just for fun... but is true, have fun reading.

few things u need to know about me.
I am...
1. love visual arts
2. love visual oriented movies
3. love good fighting scenes on tv
4. love cooking
5. love bakng
6. is a male
7. dont really like music
8. dont know a thing about western singers, not interested
9. thinks tat the most sacred n most divine thing ever created is... a wacom tablet.
10. age = 21
11. scorpio
12. called myself 'the sly fox among tigers'
13. quite handsome
14. love long hair
15. love black hair
16. love gothic but never done it kuz i m a guy
17. Got ABB in 'A' Level
18. never took art in secondary school
19. wishes to be a politician
20. worked as a salesboy, a tyre-boy, a waiter
21. Independent
22. A schlarship holder
23. dreamt of having psychic power so i can stop bullets
24. dreamt of being able to be invisible
25. love LEGO
26. already old, but still wanna play LEGO
27. disgusted by japanese chicks acting cute
28. love martial arts
29. learned karate in 2006
30. learned Tae Kwon Do in 2006
31. learned Muay Thai in 2007
32. learned Kickboxing in 2007
33. learned Boxing in 2007
34. learned Jujitsu in 2008
35. planning on learning Jeet Kune Do
36. like fair skin girl with long black hair
37. like plump girls
38. always type: Kekekeekeekkekekee
39. like asian culture
40. like all kinds of food
41. allergic to alchohol
42. hate playing cards
43. love RPGs
44. love Tekken
45. rally like Jin Kazama n Yoshimitsu
46. there is a rice cooker beside my laptop
47. love spiciness
48. fast
49. visits deviantart atleast 3 times a day
50. love hotdogs
51. can speak n write n read english
52. can only speak n read Chinese, cant really write
53. can speak n write n read Malay
54. love Bounty chocolate (blue one)
55. wear black often
56. love skinny pants
57. height only 175 cm
58. sleep at 3 am when there is no school the nex day
59. visits facebook everyday
60. visits friendster once in 2 or 3 days
61. Gets an AAAC in 'A' level mathematics, but overall grade is B
62. love to show off
63. wise
64. love Green color
65. hate yellow
66. currently living alone
67. never had a GF
68. popular during secondary school
69. a regular otaku, seldom go out frm the house
70. drew first comic at 8 years old, crappy comic
71. drew second comic at 10 yrs old
72. drew five books of comic but burnt em all kuz al of em, crappy
73. drew another comic at 13 yrs old, lost
74. started drawing manga style character in 2002, 14 yrs old
75. the comics before 2002 r cartoon mouse[not human]
76. love cyberpunk n steampunk genre games, animes, manga
77. always like to mix mechas n gods philosophies in my stories
78. lazy
79. can sleep for 10 hrs
80. then can drag for more than 4 hrs
81. wake up at 2.30 pm when theres no school
82. love to draw with a pen than a pencil
83. like cooking animes
84. hate love stories
85. love ghost movies
86. love the movie 'Pan's Labyrinth'
87. hate cars
88. hate soccer
89. dont like basketball
90. hate baseball
91. thinks tat singers n celebrities r good looking but without brains
92. hate accounting
93. topophobia
94. thinks tat fish r gross
95. hate birds
96. felt guilty after stabbing a lizard with a sharp cut card in 2008
97. extremely supertitious
98. smell a cockroach before... stinky super duper
99. able to break board bare handed
100. havent have a proper meal since september 22 2008

tats all folks. ask me anything u wanna know. don hesitate.
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